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DB Link PK10Z 10-Gauge Power Series Amplifier Installation Kit

$24.99 $34.99

10 Gauge Power Series Amplifier Wiring Kit with ATC Fuse Holder

Designed specifically for car audio systems up to 800 watts.  Made from oxygen-free copper to deliver a pure, uninterrupted transfer of power to your amplifier.

Kit Includes:

15-FT Jammin' Series 2-channel RCA cable.

17-Ft of 10-Gauge Red Super Flex Translucent Soft Touch Power Cable.

ATC Heat Resistant Fusr Holder

30 Amp ATC Fuse

2-Ft of 10-Gauge Black Super Flex Soft Touch Ground Cable.

16-Ft of 18-Gauge Blue Remote Wire.

20-Ft of 16-Guage Speaker Wire.

Split Loom & Accessories (Wire Ties, Ring Terminals, ButT Connectors, Spades, Grommet)


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