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Photo Gallery

JL Audio Custom Build V3 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon JL Audio Custom Build V3 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 2 JL Audio XD600/6 and 2 XD1000/1 sitting on illuminated plexiglass pedistals. Say THAT 3 times fast! 199775252 32 feet of red LED rope throughout this new build! 199775253 Inside this awesome custom ported enclosure resides 6 JL Audio 10W6v3 woofers. Sounds so great on the 2 JL XD1000/1's! 199775254 This is the reflection of the 10W6 woofers on the bottom of the enclosure. The W6's are firing down. 199775255 This V3 enclosure was cleverly designed by Steve so that it would appear the same from the front or back. 199775256 This is the port side in the cabin area. 199775257 A better view of the illuminated amp pedistals. Sweet right!? 199775258 We also installed 4 Kinetik Power Cells and a high output Ohio Generator alternator to keep everything running strong and smooth. 199775259 Artsy! 199775260 Having massive bass is great but it doesn't count unless you can hear everything else! There are 3 pairs of JL Audio ZR series components in Rubicon V3! We fabricated these kick panel pods for 1 of the 3 pairs. The other two are in the factory locations. I won't say what these amazing ZR's replaced.. But I will say that they started with a F. ZR's are the best of the best. No question. 199775261 Don't forget about the massive 9" Alpine Electronics of America Restyle system to deliver the Tunes to all of this sweet JL Audio gear. Also the best of the best! 199775262