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Photo Gallery

iPad Mini Custom Install in a 2013 Tundra iPad Mini Custom Install in a 2013 Tundra Our 1st iPad Mini install turned out great! 183768702 We painted the custom fabricated mount to match the rest of the Tundra's dash panels. 183768703 Big screen for a big truck! 183768704 The iPad is being charged when it is in the dash. 183768705 There are small magnets invisibly molded into the custom mount to hold the iPad in the dock. 183768706 With the iPad removed, you can see that we installed a JVC-KD-A845BT! It has USB, Bluetooth, works with Pandora, Sirius/XM ready, 3 4.8V Pre-outs, and much more!! 183768707 I can say with certainty that it takes a "fair amount" of sanding to get a custom piece like this smooth and ready for paint!! 183768708 The KD-A845BT tucked neatly away in it's new home! 183768709 Another amazing install by Jerry Batchelor at Ken's Car Tunes!! 183768710 Big touchscreen good!! 183768711 We'll be glad to make one for your vehicle too!! 183768712