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Photo Gallery

2013 Chevy Silverado Z71 JL Audio Install 2013 Chevy Silverado Z71 JL Audio Install We are always excited to see a brand new truck come in for a sound system make-over!! 182769785 Sending the jams to all of this awesome JL Audio gear is a JVC KW-NT810HDT . 7" screen, navigation, works with Pandora, has an Ultra Speed zippy CPU, and much more!! One of our favorite head units these days for sure! 182769791 Here's the steering wheel control module tucked back in the dash. This allows you to control the new JVC radio just as you would your factory radio. From the steering wheel!! We also used another module so our customer could keep his Onstar!! 182769784 We had to fabricate some trim ring spacers to marry the new JL speakers with their new door and panels. Some speaker installs are more involved than others. It's all part of the process!! 182769783 Clean, warm, and crisp JL Audio C3-650 Convertible Component Speaker Systems in the front doors! Hushmat added to make them sound even better!! ? with Hushmat. 182769789 JL Audio TR600-CXI coax speakers in the rear door filling out the sound just right! Hushmat added of course! 182769782 Behind the rear seat is a JL Audio XD1000/1 powering the 2-10W3 Stealthbox and a XD400/4 giving life to the JL C3-650 and TR600 Mids and Highs in the doors! 182769795 Massive bang for your buck with these amazing JL Audio XD Series amps! 182769794 This Stealthbox is engineered by JL Audio to perfectly match a pair of their 10W3v3 woofers. And you can hear the perfection in every note that it reproduces!! 182769786 JL needed a little extra room to fit their awesome 10W3v3's in this Stealthbox. We are sure glad they went the extra mile!! 182769790 JL Audio Stealthbox resting in it's new home!! 182769792 X marks the spot! Or.. just above the spot of a very stealthy JL Audio HD-RLC bass knob installation! Totally functional while still keeping the pocket space available! 182769793